Hexagon Bead - Octagon

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Maple and its sap are used in alternative medicine in the USA and Canada as it is beneficial for many diseases and does not produce bacteria. As a polish; A mixture of beeswax and olive oil is used.
  • Maple Hexagon beads produced by Yedice Toys for the first time in Turkey.
  • In the designs of your products such as pacifier chains or stroller toys
  • They are quality products with first class workmanship that you can use.
  • They are Turkey's first and only En-71-3 Certified Natural wooden teethers.
Benefits of beeswax;
  • It removes phlegm.
  • It prevents shortness of breath and is used in the treatment of asthma and bronchitis.
  • Contains vitamin A.
  • Olive oil is very rich in vitamins E and K. Apart from that, it contains calcium, iron, sodium and potassium.
  • To disinfect, it is sufficient to wait for a few minutes in slightly diluted apple cider vinegar, rinse and dry.
  • Then you can rub it with olive oil and give it to your baby with peace of mind.