Amigurumi Hat Rabbit

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Colour - Cinnamon Male

Product features;

  • Approximate size is 25-27 cm.
  • It is 100% cotton yarn.
  • It is suitable for all ages.
  • It is 100% organic.
  • It is approved for healthy use for children.
  • Your children can play safely.
  • You can wash it at 30 degrees and dry it on a flat surface after washing.
  • It does not contain harmful chemicals.


  • It is a standard shaped toy. Your order will be produced 100% as seen in the picture. Please leave your notes if there is anything you would like to point out.
  • Little kids will love this crochet doll, making it the perfect and fun companion to cuddle with.
  • It is 100% handmade.


We always want to make our baby products with healthier alternatives, Montessori Learning and Eco-Friendly materials.


  • When ordering, if you want other colors for your piece, please list it in the customization box. If you don't mention anything special, your order will be produced as seen in the pictures.
  • Orders are produced in the order of customer purchase. Estimated delivery time is 7-10 days. If you need a rush order, please send us a message before purchasing.
  • It is a special product with detailed embroidery on all lines. They are very stylish products that will make your loved ones feel special.
  • All details are handmade. No ready-made items are used.

Returns and Packaging;

  • We gladly accept returns, exchanges and cancellations.
  • All of our products are packed with extra strong cardboard.

Wholesale Order;

  • We ship cargo to all countries.
  • For your wholesale orders, you can get detailed information from our Whatsapp line at 0544 789 09 98 .

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