Domino No:8 - Color Chart 1

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by Domino
Colour - White

Domino 8 - Color Chart 1

  • You can use it as eye and eyelash embroidery in your Amigurumi toys.
  • Domino, 8 no. (bold) and 12 no. It is offered for sale in two different thicknesses (thin).
  • It has a smooth structure that can be used easily. It is used in all hand embroidery techniques, especially cross-stitch.
  • It can be easily used in colorful Antep work and calculation work.
  • No:8 (thick) is ideal for traditional embroidery such as classical cross-stitch and free embroidery, and no:12 (fine) calculus.
  • It is indispensable for embroidery with its brightness and colors that it preserves for years. It has been mercerized twice, it is known and loved for its colorfastness-resistance.