New Year Teddy Bear Gift Box

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A great gift box that will make you and your loved ones happy!

Box contents;

  • Red Nescafe Cup
  • Teddy Bear Scented Candle
  • Amigurumi Teddy Bear Figure
  • Colorful Knit Ball
  • Chocolate
  • Pine Tree Patterned Pouch

➡️ It is sent as a gift package in its special box.

➡️ Please place an order 3 days before so that your order can be delivered on time.

Candle Properties;

  • The products are prepared with 100% soy wax, they do not contain paraffin.
  • The mold used during the preparation of the products is a silicone mold.
  • Essences used in the production of the products are certified and are used at a rate of 8%.
  • All of the products are in the form of hand casting. Therefore, there may be changes in product quantities.


  • When ordering, if you want other colors for your piece, please list it in the customization box. If you don't mention anything special, your order will be produced as seen in the pictures.
  • It is a special product with detailed embroidery on all lines. They are very stylish products that will make your loved ones feel special.

Returns and Packaging;

  • In case of returns, exchanges and cancellations originating from the consumer, the shipping fee belongs to the buyer.
  • Our products are packed with extra strong cardboard.

For your wholesale orders, you can get information from our Whatsapp line at 0544 789 09 98 .

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