Nurge Wooden Punch Needle

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Nurge Punch Needle, 3 Needles, Wooden Handle

  • Among the 3-pin punch needles, the nurge punch needle, which stands out with its wooden handle made of 1st quality material, is a very useful product.
  • Needles are made of stainless material, their ends are made non-cutting and burrs are removed with special workmanship, they do not get stuck while entering and leaving the fabric.
  • The screw part used to tighten the needle is brass material, it is suitable for use for many years.
  • Since punch embroidery is an embroidery that requires hand movement, it is important that the needle be hand held. The handle part is made of wood material, it is easy to hold, it does not slip from the hand.

Needle thicknesses;

  • Suitable for 1.6 mm - 8 No. Cotton Perle.
  • Suitable for 1.2 mm - No 5 Cotton Perle.
  • 2.2 mm - Suitable for threads such as Hello, Catania.

Package Included;

There are 3 different thickness needles, threading apparatus and handle part in the package. 1 needle is attached to the handle, the other two needles come in a special storage box. You can then store all the needles in the plastic storage box.

Use of Threader;

1- Pass the needle threader over the needle until it comes out from the back.

2- Pass the thread through the needle threader and pull the threader back out of the needle.

3- Pass the threader through the hole and insert the thread into the threader.

4- Remove the threader from the hole and leave a 5 cm tail in the thread.

5- Afterwards, you can make your punch embroidery by sticking on the fabric.

About Nurge

Nurge is a well-known brand in Turkey and abroad with its quality products operating in the field of embroidery materials and especially embroidery hoops since 1985. It maintains its understanding of quality materials and workmanship used in the production of pulleys in by-products as well.